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Amra' SpiritAmra's Healing and Hypnosis

"Susan Chepelsky helped me to build, design, and maintain to all matters pertaining to the support and administration of my website for my Healing profession.

I, especially, recommend Susan to people who are in the Holistic business, as Susan's personal knowledge and understanding of the Metaphysical field, makes planning a Holistic website, smoother, less stressful, and the “language is easier to understand” and to convey.  

Susan's use of graphics, color, and intuitive style was incredibly helpful and reliable.  

Susan also spent countless hours assisting me on decisions pertaining to the correctness of what would look good on a site and what key meta- tags to use to make the site more interesting and “accessible to the right traffic”.

I, wholeheartedly, recommend Sue Studios to anyone who is looking for assistance in building a “working relationship” with the Internet through a website, as well as a warm-hearted, compassionate, individual who knows her stuff, and does it creatively, quickly, and professionally!

Thank you, Sue Studios for all that you've done for me, and my business. "

~ Carmen St.Pierre, B.A Education

At Your Service Personal and Corporate ConciergeAt Your Service Personal and Corporate Concierge

"Susan Chepelsky has a talent for listening, clarifying what she hears and then committing it to web space. I was impressed by her ability to virtually see what I was asking for in web design. Any changes that needed to be made were done promptly. When Susan gives you a deadline she holds up her end every time.

I have found Sue Studios easy to deal with both in the administrative aspects (setting up a payment schedule for me) and professionally. Susan explains in laymen's terms, and takes the confusion out of the technical terms when explaining a website, how it works, and what she feels works best for you.

In my opinion Susan Chepelsky is probably one of the easiest people to work with not only in the web design field but in any field. Her commitment to clarity and communication are heads and shoulders above most."

~ Michelle Sharyk

Basil Olive Oil Products Ltd.Basil Olive Oil Products Ltd

"You were true to your word. The work done our web site realized our vision and goals with the finished results. Your talent improved and accentuated the positive, changed weaknesses in design into strengths. Thanks for a job well done."

~ Basil Koutalianos, President

Beelites Beeswax CandlesBeelites Candles

"Dear Susan of Sue Studios,

We have enjoyed the process of working with you to create our full blown website.

We are so thrilled with your work! Your creativity is wonderful and you obviously have put a lot of effort and thought into it. You've been very patient with us getting things done on our end, that has also been a great benefit to us as we've been very busy ourselves and appreciate your patience.

We will highly recommend Sue Studios to anyone that is considering a website as we are sure they will be happy with you too! We wish you much success in the future!

p.s. I'd like to add something really good to your testimonial! We had some body tell us today our new website is light years ahead of where it was! What an awesome compliment! Thanks again!"

~ Susan & Travis Paul

Canadian Pranic Healers' AssociationCanadian Pranic Healers’ Association

"The Canadian Pranic Healers’ Association’s web page was one of Sue Chepelsky’s projects.  Sue was responsible for all the technical aspects of the web page and was a pleasure to work with. She was always competent and professional.  We took longer to write the page than anticipated and Sue was both patient and understanding of the needs of a volunteer organization such as ours.  Her turnaround time was excellent, her work was always on time and her guidance and feedback was valuable and to the point.  I have no hesitation in recommending Sue’s services." 

~ Ann Hopkins, Secretary

Canadian Reiki AssociationCanadian Reiki Association

"Sue from Sue Studios mentioned that you were unhappy with your web service when speaking with her and I would like to advise as to how we at the CRA feel about the service Sue is providing us. We were also very unhappy with the service we were getting from our last Webmaster. Please see below for our testimonial.

The Canadian Reiki Association hired Sue Studios to freshen up our website, make it more user-friendly, and supply on-going service. We have found Susan Chepelsky to be very amenable to our suggestions, offering her unique and creative input when it was needed. The site was up-dated in a timely fashion with no problems. We highly recommend Susan Chepelsky of Sue Studios. The quality of service Susan is supplying is excellent, quick and efficient."

~ Judy Cain, Secretary
Membership Relations Director

Cathy's ClearingsCathy's Clearings

Having Sue build my website was a wonderful experience. Sue went above and beyond just building my site. She helped me clarify the vision of what I wanted my work and website to look like. She was supportive, creative, and made the process for me extremely easy. The website exceeded my expectations and I love it. Sue is extremely talented  and was able to integrate the vision of  my work with the technology necessary to create an amazing website.

Thank-you for making this site so amazing! You have been far more than a web designer. You have been a constant creative and supportive person who I feel I could always rely on to be honest, have integrity, and to guide me through this process. Thank-you for being who you are!"

Cathy L., Ontario

City of LangleyCity of Langley

"Sue Studios was contracted to do a complete redesign of our website. She set out a clear process and timeline that resulted in a smooth flowing project that completed on time and budget.

I found Susan to be a detail-oriented person who is very knowledgeable and skilled at her trade. She was able to take our ideas for the site, embellish them and let her creativity shine. She also has an understanding of the needs of the "web surfer" and made it easy for them to navigate and find information.

We have received many positive responses from our new website, including a "thank-you for a job well done" from the Mayor."

~ Ken Ogden IT
Manager/Budget Analyst

Clear Your Path Energy ConsultingClear Your Path Energy Consulting

"Although l was new to website jargon (like meta tags) and new to operating a computer, Sue was able to guide me through the journey of creating my site easily and listened well to my concepts.

A long time ago, I had a website where the flow was poor and didn't draw business in at all. l had lost faith in websites to produce.

Then Sue produced a fantastic visual site that was far easier to move around and access info than on my old site. The new site marketed my services quickly, and paid for itself in a couple of weeks! Comments I have received from clients on the site’s visuals and graphics have also been fabulous. Her passion for designing sites comes through.

l'm really looking forward to the connection with her and other like-minded holistic people, through Sue Studios’ new Universal Healing Network. You are unifying people, creating a team, through the network. l support you 100% in your desire and vision to raise the conscious movement on the planet..... "

Blessings, Namaste
~ Kristina Nielsen, Holistic Practitioner
Current website:

Downtown Langley Merchants AssociationDowntown Langley Merchants Association

September 25, 2003

"This letter serves as a testimonial to the fantastic work that Sue has provided for us throughout the creation of our website.

Her creativity, expertise and unexhausting patience has left me with peace of mind and our association with a fabulous website.

Sue was easy to work with, extremely thorough, and to this day she continues to make new adjustments at our request in a timely and simplified manner.

I would recommend Sue Studios to any organization, large or small, who is looking for a web designer who will give you your monies worth and more.

Please feel free to call if you have any questions."

~ Teri James, Office Manager

Freelance Urban Design GroupFreelance Urban Design Group

"Recently, I had the pleasure of using Sue Studios for the creation of my web-site, Working with Susan proved to be an inspiring experience. Susan met the challenge of designing our multimedia web-site with diligence and confidence. I chose to work with Susan Chepelsky because of her knowledge of the market's trends and needs when communicating information on-line.

I was consulted at every phase of development and at no point felt overwhelmed by technical terminology. In addition, Susan worked efficiently, finishing our web-site in a timely manner allowing my business to move forward with our marketing plan on schedule.

At all phases of the Web-site development, Susan proved herself to be a dedicated and trust-worthy professional. Equally as refreshing to me, Susan is a very talented and skilled designer and artist. I look forward to her monthly newsletters and continue to exchange advise and brainstorm new ideas with her.

I highly recommend Susan for any company looking into upgrading, maintaining or developing a web-site. Susan is easy to work with and understands that you, the client, doesn't need to be an expert in web design in order to be educated towards reaping the benefits of a well designed site."

Kind Regards,
~ Tamara Goddard, Managing Director

Isis ExoticaIsis Exotica

"Meeting Susan Chepelsky and hiring Sue Studios to build my web site was like a God sent from the heavens. Within a couple of days of taking on the project she had an amazing intuitive vision for it, creating an image for the home page that far exceeded my expectations. Sue not only works quickly, but she also listens carefully, grasping concepts you give her then effortlessly creating and building them into a site that makes sense. Each page flows beautifully and has almost an ethereal feel to it.

Sue was always there for any changes that were needed and made whatever changes were necessary immediately and with total respect, paying particular attention to detail. Sue works very professionally, quickly, intuitively and with complete artistry.

I look forward to working with Susan again and highly recommend her services to anyone looking for someone extra special to work with who has great vision, talent, is totally professional and will go that extra mile for you.

Way to go Sue!"

~ Valentina Fierro ~Aromatherapist and president of Isis Essentials Ltd.

Glastonbury VenturesGlastonbury Ventures

"Gastonbury Ventures worked extensively with Sue Studios to develop our current web-site . During the development of the site, we realized the creation of the site was creating more than just a web site.

Sue’s patience, as we created and recreated the pages that would be the “home” for Glastonbury Ventures, helped us define our strengths and our uniqueness, all within the concepts of the work we offer.

We quickly realized we were not like other NLP or Healer’s web sites. Our unique approach to the mystical soon blended into the site itself.
As we first undertook this development, meeting with Sue and knowing her as a person that appreciated our uniqueness, and yet assisted us in presenting this in the way we felt most expressed our philosophy, our work, and our professional image.

Today, we look back on the three months of development and can easily say that the pages of the web site are one of our best marketing tools, one that continues to evolve with us. Sincerely, thank you for all your support, encouragement & friendship!"

~ Kathy Welter & Harry Nichols

Heartwave Solutions

Heartwave Solutions

"I felt a huge relief putting my site in the hands of I had done a lot of work on branding and corporate image and could describe what I wanted; however, Sue made everything come alive by translating my wishes into strong visuals; she suggested colors, fonts, and logo changes; she designed an e-zine template, and she also recommended text changes whenever the page became too complex for my target market.

Sue often demonstrated great intuition and she instinctively "got it" when it came to understanding my needs. Her suggestions were often an "instant hit" with me. When things got more technical, Sue had an uncanny ability to listen and transform my marketing and budget requirements into a technically viable solution that she explained back to me in layman's terms.

I literally felt no fear wading into unknown territory. SueStudios put my mind at ease by registering my domain name, recommending a web hosting company, and providing helpful information about search engine requirements and megatags. Let me tell you, this was a subject that was not entirely thrilling for me.

Sue is a real find. When your web designer provides you with opportunities to "save the cost of stamp," you know she is really on your team. I look forward to working with Sue on our second and third stages of development as we add more online educational tools and e-commerce capabilities."

~ Marie Johnsen, CEO

InspirationUInspiration U

"Sue  has been a web angel, as well as a web master.

My website needed to look and feel right...and Sue made an inspirational page look, well, inspirational! I only needed to tell Sue what I generally saw for my site, and she did the rest.

People from around the world have literally commented on how lovely and easy to maneuver my site is. I would recommend her highly to all of you out there who feel the world of sites are too complicated to deal with.

Call on Sue: she has clear intent and vision. Plus, her newsletters really rock! and are informative in a plain English sort of way. I am of a generation where this stuff doesn't necessarily come easy. Thanks to Sue Chepelsky, I have a site that I can use with grace."

Rev. Elke Siller Macartney,
inspirational speaker, spiritual counselor
LaConner, Washington

Nordic Living Water SystemsNordic Living Water Systems

"I am so pleased with the result of your web design for my new web site. It is so harmonic, so well organized and works like a charm. I am already getting VERY good feedback from both old customers, new visitors, new customers and friends. They all love it!

It has also been a great pleasure to work with you during this process and I am recommending you to anyone who has an existing web site and of course for people who wants a brand new web site from scratch.

I have also been impressed by the other web sites designed by Sue Studios and now I am also very impressed by my own new web site.

Thank you so very much to you Susan Chepelsky, :-) "

Warm regards,
~ Mikael Lund

Pawsitive Healing Pet TherapyPawsitive Healing Pet Therapy

"I told Sue what I wanted and boy did she deliver. Her first design of my website is exactly what I wanted. I am still receiving positive feedback about it. I couldn’t be more pleased."

Christie Lynn Webb

Peaceful InterludePeaceful Interlude

"When I met with Sue in regards to designing my website, I instantly connected with her on a heart level.

The people who have seen my website have commented on the creativity and the incredible energy that they receive when they look at my website. They were intrigued at how eye catching it is and the accessibility of every thumb nail.

Thank you Sue for doing such a wonderful job. "

~ Brenda

Rob and Kristyn's Wedding

"Susan Chepelsky was responsible for creating and maintaining our wedding website, which was also our medium for sending and receiving all of our invitations.  Not only was the site thoughtfully personalized for us in particular, but it was artistic, well-organized, and very user-friendly.  Susan also proved to be very easy to work with and was not only flexible but also timely in her responses to our many detailed requests.

In addition, we found many people approached us at our wedding reception and enthusiastically complimented us on our website.  They really enjoyed using it, and were amazed at how complete it was, while still being simple and easy to use.  

I would not hesitate to recommend Susan to anyone contemplating using a website to organize their wedding.  She did a great job for us and we're confident she'll do a great job for you."

Kristyn Siddall

Spirits and Physical UnionSpirits and Physical Union

I would highly recommend anyone who requires a holistic website built to contact Sue.

She has designed the PERFECT most picturesque and fitting website that I could have imagined.

I first contacted her to see what was required and she provided me with sites from which to select pictures or videos from. She also advised on what information should go on each page. From there I provided her with an outline of my modalities and products and a brief description of each one. I chose pictures from the huge selection I could draw from. I then sent my choices to her. She drafted an outline and sent it back to me. But it just did not feel right and the pictures did not fit the modalities.

I asked Sue for her honest opinion and she responded with honesty and suggestions. At that point I just turned it over to her. What an outcome, the energy changed with the new pictures, they just spoke volumns about the energy work I do.

Sue also took the information I provided her and worded it into text that flowed and came right to the point.

I am SO HAPPY with the website Sue has designed. Words cannot really express the feelings that one has when they see the pictures and feel the energy and mystery that radiates from this site.

I want to thank you again for all the time, effort and I know energy on many levels that you put into my website.

Betty J Dery

Soul*ar Energy Holistic Health EnterprisesSoular Energy Holistic Health Enterprises

"Our company Soul*ar Energy Holistic Health Enterprises has recently expanded its product line of gemstone light catchers to promote wellbeing and harmony. As a new company we were looking for someone to help us take our product to the Internet while at the same time capture the essence of who we are and what we represent.

The universe sent us Sue Chepelsky of Sue Studios Holistic Web Design. Being holistically natured ourselves, we were impressed that Sue modeled a holistic approach to designing our website. She spent time with us at our business and in doing so managed to capture the spiritual element and integrity of both the company and our products in the website she designed. Our first glimpses of her creation were exciting as we recognized the professional quality of our website design as well as the ease of use and surfer friendliness. In addition to the website design, Sue helped us further our consistent "brand" by assisting in the development of our company logo and image.

We enjoyed the professional and creative collaboration with Sue, as she was always open to working with our input, suggestions and requests for changes. This has been enriching and empowering for us and we are very thankful to Sue for making it such a pleasant experience. The positive feedback about the site that we have been receiving further confirms Sue as an exemplary web designer. We found Sue to be an honest and direct businesswoman and will continue to refer her to everyone as a web designer with incredible talent and integrity."

Love and light,

~ Laurie Johansen & Laurie Ross

The Temple of Self-AscensionThe Temple of Self-Ascension

"Thank you for your professionalism and style! We love our new web site!

Not only have you exceeded our expectations regarding lay-out and design, but you have completed our web presence quickly and with good humor! Your “Can Do” attitude and patience with the many rewordings and revisions truly made this task flow to completion with great ease.

Kira and I are sincerely grateful for your creativity, joyful attitude and efficient, professional service. We look forward to continuing to work with you as our web site expands and evolves."

Sincerely yours,

~ Sri Ram Kaa

Terri LoveTerri Love

"Where do I begin?  (<:

Sue Chelpelsky has done THE most, wonderful job on my website, above and beyond the call of duty!!!!!!!!!

She far, exceeded, my expectations in every way and without a doubt I have the MOST awesome, beautiful, and informative website in the Holistic/Spiritual World of web-designs that was ever created. 

With All of My Heart, Thank You Sue, Thank You, for your very special web design talents conveyed so beautifully on every page of my Glorious Web Design. 

I HIGHLY recommend Sue for anyone needing web-design, re-design or updates.  She is THE best in her field of endeavors. "

~ Terri Love, CHT

Toward Excellence Consulting Inc.Toward Excellence Consulting Inc.

"On behalf of Toward Excellence Consulting Inc., I would like to thank Sue Studios for "excellent" work in creating our website,

Susan Chepelsky was thorough, patient and always willing to "go the extra mile" in helping us construct our website. She is hardworking and consistently delivers on quick responses to requests, questions, or problems. Her company continues to be a valuable resource for us!"

~ Donna McFadden, President

Vancouver Native Health SocietyVancouver Native Health Society

"In April 2003, Vancouver Native Health Society contracted with Sue Studios to completely revamp our outdated website.

In the ensuing months, Susan Chepelsky worked with the writer to produce a website that can accurately represent the missions and goals of Vancouver Native Health. The result is a very effective and easy to navigate site that has already drawn compliments from our senior staff and internet users.

Ms. Chepelsky is very meticulous and thorough, working very closely with our nine program coordinators to accurately portray the complex set of services we provide as a non-profit Community Health Center. The transition from the old web site to new server was smooth, and we were guided through the technical process with expertise.

We recommend the services of Sue Studios, and would urge those who would seek similar services to visit our website at “” to see the results. "

Yours sincerely,
~ Larry Gray, Office Manager

Vestfriend Body ArmorVestfriend Body Armor

"I have recently had the pleasure in working with Sue updating our company web site. I would and will be highly recommending her to my colleagues for any task small or otherwise.

Sue displayed professionalism, patience and a bottom line a great end result. Thanks once again for a wonderful job in a phenomenal time frame."

~ Eryn Foston

Auralite CandlesWhite Dove CandlesWhite Dove Candles and Auralite Candles

"I received a call from a new customer within one hour of my site being finished, and receive several contacts per day due to my website. Susan was open to my ideas and implemented my suggestions in a creative and competent manner. I can now refer customers to my web site with confidence. I feel that I have arrived as a company now that I have a professionally designed web site.


"I had a call yesterday from a fellow in Mississauga and he mentioned how he searched beeswax candles on Google and "Bee Lites" came up first. Well I just tried it and sure enough there it is, and seventh on the list is Sue Studios. WOW! I knew that you were the right person for the job. I had others offer to do my web site but I waited until the right person ame along. Thank You."

~ Ian Fraser

The Winding Path Soap CompanyThe Winding Path Soap Company

"We wish to thank Sue Chepelsky (aka SueStudios) for her artistic talents in creating our website.  Sue has been patient with our procrastination, while quickly responding to all of our requests and questions.  With her experienced suggestions and attention to detail, we have watched our website metamorphosis from photos and scribbled notes to a website that we have received many compliments on.  We are planning yet another website and look forward to having Sue work her magic on this one as well.  We definitely recommend Sue and her abilities for any website, be it large or small, be it new, or for updating an old one.  Congratulations on your award Sue, much earned and well deserved!"

Courtney Findlay and Susann Collins

Sue Studios Holistic Web Design
Sue Studios Holistic Web Design Sue Studios Holistic Web Design Sue Studios Holistic Web Design
Sue Studios Holistic Web Design

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