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Reiki Symbols

These reiki symbols were from the book, Magick of Reiki by Christopher Penczak. There are many more in the book, and below is just some of them.

Reiki Symbol - Gnosa


With Gnosa you can connect with your higher divinity. Helps with learning new information, concepts, philosophies and symbols. It improves communication internally as well as externally in all forms - spoken, written and artistic. It is a good symbol for artists, musicians and writers.

Reiki Symbol - Iava


Iava is a symbol for Earth healing and connecting with the Earth. It connects you with nature spirits and devas of a land. The first 3 spirals represent the Triple Goddess energy - maiden, mother and crone while the 4 loops beside the larger ones represent the four elements of Earth - fire, water, air and earth. It also helps heal relationships with others.

Reiki Symbol - Mer Ka Fa Ka Lish Ma

Mer Ka Fa Ka Lish Ma

"Ma" is used to align one to the perfect pattern of health, healing DNA, reconnecting with the divine Goddess, aligning the Chakras and healing the Earth.

Reiki Symbol - Johre


It puts "white light" wherever it is used: helps the recipient to release what doesn't serve, opens the chakras and connects to spirit guides and ascended masters.

Reiki Symbol - Angel Wings

Angel Wings

Will help you realize your potential, your own angelic divinity and bring that out into the world. It helps you connect to the realm of angels, guides, guardians and healers. Protection of angels.

Reiki Symbol - Len So My

Len So My

Power of pure love. Symbol can be used when a person needs to feel pure, unconditional love when feeling lost, neglected or unwanted.

Reiki Symbol - Abundance


Helps manifest abundance in life, helps heal issues of poverty consciousness.

Reiki Symbol - Ho Ka O ili ili

Ho Ka O ili ili

Increases regality and respect. Helps yoiu stand up for your basic rights and gain respect.

Reiki Symbol - Love and Trust

Love and Trust

Use this symbol to inspire love and trust.

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